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This cassette is your best bet

The PowerGlide 1170 cassette provides an undeniable performance advantage. It's the final piece in the drivetrain puzzle and delivers ultra-fast, ultra-quiet shifts that will always put you in the right gear.

Product details

  1. Even-stepped cogs provide excellent gear ratios with smooth shifts
  2. Cassette design for high shifting performance with a quieter chain/cassette combination
  3. Semi-spidered design: light, strong, efficient
  4. Aluminum alloy lockring

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Manufacturer part # 00.2418.042.000 00.2418.042.001 00.2418.042.002 00.2418.042.003 00.2418.042.004
Teeth 11-25t 11-26t 11-28t 11-32t 11-36t
Speed 11 11 11 11 11
Mount type Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano Shimano
Weight 320g 330g 335g 335g 366g
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