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Those who own an electric bike ride three times more often and three times further. We like to think those who own Electra Go! e-bikes have three times more fun, too. If you’re ready to start your e-life, or perhaps upgrade your current ride, we have a wide range of e-bikes for just about everyone. Ready? Let’s Go!


Ponto Go! sets a new standard in quality, safety, and, of course, fun. Powered by a 750W rear-hub motor, this Class 3 e-bike features both throttle and pedal-assisted support. Ditch ride share or mom and dad for getting around town. Instead, grab a helmet, pick up a friend and ride around and find out. Note: for riders and passengers 16 years old and up.

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How do you improve upon the legendary Townie®? Put a motor on it. Our Townie Go! e-bike collection features the same comfort and style of the original Townie, with added pedal-assist power so you can ride farther and faster without breaking a sweat. Available in options from the fun and affordable Townie Go! 7D to the performance and capability of the Townie Go! 5i EQ, or the adventurous Townie Path Go! 10D EQ.

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If you’re looking for style, simplicity and some extra power for those hills, the Cruiser Go! is right up your alley. Or street. Or boardwalk. This single-speed cruiser looks as fun as it is to ride, combining Electra’s signature aesthetic with innovative e-bike technology.

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The Loft Go! is a modern-day classic designed to be as versatile as it is functional, making it easier than ever to maneuver your city on two wheels. Support from the rear hub motor gives you the confidence you need to get to the edge of your city and back. Get ready to plug into your city like never before.

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What do we have here? The Vale Go! has a unique silhouette featuring a unisex step-thru frame with integrated, in-tube Bosch batteries and motors on both models. Check out the Vale Go! S if you want to kick it up a notch with a Class III e-bike capable of reaching pedal-assisted speeds up to 28 mph.

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