Behind The Scenes: The Making of Ponto Go!

It’s not an ordinary #newbikeday at Electra, that’s for sure. Drumroll please… introducing Ponto Go!. Venturing into exciting waters with a unique design, the Ponto Go! is our first-ever throttle e-bike. Let’s ride around and find out how this new electric bike became a reality.


30 years ago, Electra started in the small beachside neighborhood of Leucadia, California. Just a quick ride north is Ponto State Beach where the SoCal lifestyle runs deep. On any summer day, you will find rows of bikes and e-bikes parked on the sand while their riders run off into the surf. The Ponto Go! name is an homage to the lifestyle that is at the core of the Electra DNA. 


Here at Electra, we aren’t scared to branch out into new territories and the Ponto Go! is a whole new ballgame for us. Some of you might ask, “Why make a throttle e-bike?” We took that question to our troops and here is what they had to say: 

“We wanted to bring something to the world that was better than what had come before. The best bike company makes the best e-bikes, and that’s Electra!”
Bobby, Sales

“We wanted to make a bike that was higher quality, more thoughtfully designed, safer, and way more fun than anything currently on the throttle market. So, we made Ponto.”
Candice, Creative

“The bike market needs a better, safer, and more reliable throttle e-bike. With the Ponto Go!, you get all of that and much more.”
Ryan, Marketing

“I love the fact that a throttle e-bike can give any rider the ability and the confidence to go for a longer ride and experience new things on two wheels. It seems like a no-brainer for us!”
Terry, Sales

“It’s really nice to have a throttle when you’re at the end of a commute home and have one last, big hill to get up. The Ponto Go! always has my back in that way.”
Verne, Bike Mechanic


With any bike, basket, or bell, the product development process starts years before the world gets its eyes on them. About two years ago, the Electra think tank of designers and engineers set out to bring this throttle e-bike to life. Stevie, an industrial designer for Electra, was involved from the very beginning of the Ponto Go! story.

“The goal was to create a fun utility bike focused on the two-person riding experience. We wanted to give riders the independence to go anywhere without the hassle of a car by designing room for cargo and a friend to be taken in one go. Our big targets for the Ponto Go! were comfort, fun, safety, and ‘uniquely Electra.’ We worked hard to nail the details and design beautiful feature integration.” 
“The Ponto Go! frame has a modular bench top that allows you to remove the rear bench to carry more cargo, install a seat riser for better leg extension (for tall riders)*, and secure under-seat accessories like the surfboard carrier and frame bag.”  

As you can see there were tons of ideas thrown around to get us to the electric bike you see here today. We felt it was important to deliver on the best riding and safety experience, so features like the passenger bench seat, safety handle, foot pegs, and integrated turn signals and brake light come standard on the Ponto Go!

*A seat riser can be purchased at your local dealer. 


Before any Electra products hit the streets, they go through a rigorous testing process with our team. One of the many testers was none other than the Electra Surf Club Captain, Taylor. “Having to test ride a bike for work sure was hard, but someone had to do it…,” Taylor said, holding back laughter. He racked up almost 1,000 miles over a 6-month period. “I was really trying to maximize the ’throttle experience’ on this bike… 1,000 miles and zero chain wear!” If you happened to be in Encinitas over the last year, you might have seen Taylor zipping around on his way to the local surf breaks on this early prototype.

Every detail on the Ponto Go! was considered. In addition to the new throttle e-system development, there was ride testing and feedback for every prototype stage. The testing included everything from general fitment to the performance of the throttle acceleration. All of the feedback was documented and taken into consideration. Pushing the limits of a product is one part of the testing cycle, but getting real world feedback from a variety of riders is invaluable.

These early prototypes were… well, prototypes, so they were a little rough around the edges. Despite that, they held up under the helm of Taylor and the rest of the Electra crew. Even today, you can still find those original Ponto Go! prototypes being ridden by our team here in Encinitas. It’s a true testament to how well these bikes are designed.


Now that you have the backstory, let's check out the fun Ponto Go! color options.


Inspired by the puffy white clouds of a sunset, there are shades of blue, lavender, and orange. On the other hand, one might mistake it for a stick of cotton candy at the county fair... yum! 


We can see the beach from our back door so this one is a no-brainer! The chrome finish gives the color more depth but also adds a light reflection element not unlike the rippling ocean waters. 


Invoking the mentality of “the calm before the storm,” this neutral color emulates the smoothed-over rocks on the beach that you might see as you walk towards the mouth of the harbor to see boats launch.  


At first glance, you might think it's just another black bike, but a deeper gaze will reveal the blues and greens from a galaxy far away.