Our first time bikepacking

Our first time bikepacking

Matt Dennison, Jason Lucas, and Andrew Santos are known for their mountain biking shenanigans and super-popular videos such as “Ferda Girls” and “I Only Ride Park.” But for all the time they’ve spent on the trail, they’d never been bikepacking—until now.

They headed to the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, for four days and 95km aboard 1120, Trek’s go-anywhere adventure touring rig. If they taught us anything, it’s that humor goes a long way in bikepacking. Join the guys of IFHT Films on their first adventure!

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A rugged all-terrain frame, 29+ tires, an included rack system, and mountain-ready spec make 1120 a bikepacker’s dream.

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How to go bikepacking

Planning an adventure of your own? Check out our guide to bikepacking to learn everything you need to know before you hit the trail.

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