Years ago, Electra changed the game with our Fashion and Attitude Cruisers. They were artistic, fun, expressive and ready for the urban runway. Today, we’ve brought that inspiration into our e-bike and kids’ collections. Whether it’s art, nature, hotrods or robots, these designs belong in a museum. Or at least in your Instagram feed.

While these bikes look amazing on your phone, they’re best enjoyed out in the real world, with real friends. Yes, the custom designs are amazing. Yes, they’ll rack up the likes. But they’re built to ride. So get outside, have some fun and make every day your canvas.

Be transported. Yes, to the local coffee shop, but also to a whole new world filled with lush greens and towering bamboo. Did you find yourself in a Balinese jungle? Perhaps in Japan admiring the deep indigo patterns of Shibori dyes? Or maybe you found that perfect surf spot no one else knows about—nope still here. But it looks super cool, doesn’t it?

Kids are awesome and they deserve awesome stuff. Get ‘em outside on one of these super cool bikes that look as good as they ride.

When you want to make a statement, the Attitude Go! Artist Series does the trick. Dripping with style, the curved lines and custom designs of these e-bikes say a lot without saying a lot, if you know what we mean.