Electra + Trek Central app

Connect to the Trek Central app and unlock even more fun on your Electra Go! e-bike. Once paired, you’ll have access to know-before-you-go information at your fingertips.

Know before you go

This is your one-stop-shop for important pre-ride information. Check your remaining battery charge and get a range estimate depending on your mode (also known as level of support).

Map it out

There are two types of people in this world. People that fly by the seat of their pants, and people that need a charted course. For the latter, we have the map function. Get turn-by-turn notifications plus an estimate for how far you can ride based on your current mode and battery charge.

Live feed

Turn your phone into a detailed display. This screen lets you keep track of speed, mode and battery usage while riding.

Ride down memory lane

Trek Central tracks every ride as long as it’s connected to your e-bike, so take a step back and give yourself a round of applause for everything you two have accomplished.

Compatible Go! E-bikes