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Bontrager/Electra MIK Bike Bag Adapter Plate

$24.99 Model 32728

A carrier plate that easily mounts to most racks to add the versatility of the MIK rack and bag system.

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Add versatility to your rack with MIK

The adjustable-width MIK (Mounting Is Key) Adapter Plate mounts easily to most racks, giving you all the benefits of MIK's unique keyed install system. This adapter allows you to secure MIK-compatible bags to your rack to help deter theft, while ensuring it's still easy for you to remove them when you need to. Hardware included.

Product details

  1. Adds MIK compatibility to traditional bike racks
  2. Securely mounts with just four bolts
  3. Adjustable mounting width from 100mm to 170mm to fit most racks

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Convert your bag or basket to MIK

Save money by using the Bontrager MIK Adapter Plate to make your existing trunk bag or rear basket compatible with any MIK rack. It quickly and easily mounts to most baskets and bags that have existing mounting holes.

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Material Plastic
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