30 Electra Bells

Electra bike bells have been (b)ringing joy to handlebars since 1998. What started as a few chrome bells has blossomed into a full spread of ding-dong, twister, pinger, spinner and domed ringer bells. We did the math and according to our calculations, we’ve created more than 250 unique designs that can be found on millions of handlebars across the world today.

In honor of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we hand selected 30 of our most iconic bells. Keep scrolling to see how many you can call out by name and shop the link below to spice up your handlebars.

1. Straight 8
2. Unicorn
3. Donut
4. Cheers
5. Cool Cat
6. Pizza
7. Triple Scoop
8. Rat Fink

9. Wood
10. Disco
11. Sugar Skulls
12. Rose Tattoo
13. Bottlecap
14. Hawaii
15. Skull
16. Night Owl

17. Electra Love
18. Alexander Girard’s Madonna
19. Luchador
20. Tiger Shark
21. Cherie
22. Camo
23. Margarita
24. Chrome Spinner

25. Peace
26. Frenchie
27. Taco
28. Hello
29. Northern Lights
30. Koa