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ESI Extra Chunky Silicone Grip Set

$25.99 Model 13955

ESI Extra Chunky grips offer the same great grip and durability as standard ESI Chunky grips, but now in a 34mm diameter package.

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Grip it and rip it

The ESI Extra Chunky grips are the thickest available from ESI at 34mm diameter. Constructed from 100% silicone, Extra Chunky grips provide excellent shock absorption while increasing comfort and control on the bike, especially for those with larger hands.

Product details

  1. Unique construction made of 100% silicone
  2. 34mm diameter no-slip grip custom molds to your hand as you ride
  3. Provides superior shock absorption and increased bar control
  4. The thickest ESI grips available
  5. Easily installs using rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or compressed air
  6. Fully removable and washable
  7. Includes end caps

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Length 130mm
Diameter 34mm
End Type Open
Lock-on No
Material Silicone
Weight 80g
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