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Lock it up quick with a SIDEKICK

SIDEKICK is designed for preventing bike theft by itself or together with the included Cinch Lock for added security.

Use the SIDEKICK to safely lock your frame while the included Cinch Lock further secures your frame and/or wheels to deter pesky bike thieves.

Product details

  1. 12mm hardened steel with anti-rotation deadbolt - medium security U-lock
  2. Compact and lightweight design fits easily in many bag or packs
  3. Silicone-coated lock body to prevent scratching frames and components
  4. Capable of locking single tube to post
  5. Includes two keys
  6. Includes combo Cinch Lock for enhanced security
  7. Cinch Lock coils to 3" (7.6cm) diameter and features keyless resettable combination

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Size 12mm x 14.5cm (5.75") x 7cm (2.75")/76cm (30")
Weight 925g
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