We started with a dream to create the finest cruisers and comfort bikes in the world. That dream included creating bikes as uniquely different as you. And just like you, the surprising details and nuances are what make Electra Fashion Cruisers stand out from the rest. With stunning designs that draw inspiration from the world around us, these rolling works of art ooze style and personality. Find the one that matches up perfectly with yours.

Inspired by the bright, sunny days of springtime, the Honeycomb 3i is the newest addition to our
Artist Series collection and is dripping with style.

The frame features golden sunflowers and intricate hexagon-patterned honeycombs that adorn the beautiful metallic fade paint creating a two-tone effect. Busy bees buzz throughout the frame and bold yellow rims, and a matching bell, custom saddle and grips complete the look making this one sweet ride.
Meet Honeycomb

Andi pays tribute to Andy Warhol, the leading figure in the Pop Art movement, and his 1964 Flowers print series by combining art, fashion and fun. This series showcased a variety of techniques like silkscreen, acrylics and fluorescent Day-Glo paint, and was a refreshing departure from his initial themes of pop culture and commercialism.

Bright and colorful flowers stand out in contrast against the graphic black and white geometric pattern, making Andi the ultimate expression of style. A custom debossed saddle and grips feature the same bold pattern while the fenders and artistic chainguard highlight the Warhol-inspired watercolor screen print. A matching bell is the technicolor cherry on top.
Meet Andi

Just like her namesake, Zelda is glamorous, stylish and a whole lot of fun. Straight out of the
Roaring 20s, this ride embodies the glittering opulence of the Jazz Age.

The pearlescent frame features rich metallic colors like champagne, gold, silver and pewter while the intricate linear designs are reminiscent of jewelry, architecture and fashion from the Art Deco period. Other details of Zelda can be discovered throughout the bike, like gold sparkling painted rims as well as handlebar and seat tassels that shimmy like a flapper’s dress. Stylish. Sophisticated. Sexy.
Meet Zelda

The subtle beauty and elegance of Koa comes from the inspiration for the bike. Koa wood is native to Hawaii, highly revered and considered sacred. It is known for the rich deep colors and its grain pattern. This stunning bike features wood grain detailing in contrast to Polynesian tribal art patterns overlaid onto the stark white frame.

Completing the design, the bike features real wood grips, as well as a front tray and rear rack to carry your essentials like beach towels, books or a cooler filled with your favorite drinks. The saddle features custom debossed details and we round it out with a Koa ding dong bell. The aloha is strong with this one.
Meet Koa

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