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Plug it up and ride it out

While tubeless tires are a great complement to nearly any bike, punctures that sealant can't fix do still happen. For those unfortunate punctures Lezyne has got you covered with their compact tubeless tire repair kit.

Simply remove the puncture object, insert reamer and scour puncture hole with the course side of reamer. Thread plug through head of reamer and insert into puncture. Be sure to twist plug to bunch it up in tire, remove tool and trim any excess plug.

Product details

  1. Machined aluminum storage tube, hardened steel reamer
  2. Storage tube and reamer thread together for easy use and storage
  3. Tire plugs aggressively seal holes that are too large to be sealed by sealant
  4. Sleek, compact design fits in a pocket or saddle bag
  5. Sealing performance may vary based on puncture size, tire size and tire pressure
  6. Kit includes five tire plugs
  7. Weight: 47g

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