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SKS RaceBlade Long Fender Set

$59.99 Model 25600

Stay dry even when riding in the wet with the RaceBlade Long fender set.

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Wet weather defense

This ultra long clip-on fender set is perfect for road bikes with tires as wide as 25mm. Whether you’re riding your road bike in a warm summer rain or on solitary winter trips, the RaceBlade Long fender set ensures full coverage for both you, and also the cyclist behind you.

These fenders attach using brackets at brake caliper bolts and quick release skewers. These unique brackets feature a quick release mechanism that attaches and releases the fenders in seconds.

Product details

  1. Compatible with quick release frames, up to 25mm tires
  2. Includes extensions for front and rear fender for additional coverage
  3. Includes both long and short brake caliper brackets for best fit on a wide range of frames
  4. Quick release skewer brackets attach inboard of springs on quick release skewers

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