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Mucky Nutz Fat Face Front Fender XL

$21.99 Model 24848

The original design, the flexible front mudguard that started it all - improved and re-profiled since it's inception back in 2009 - now used and endorsed by pro DH and Enduro riders world wide.

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Protect yourself from the muck

The Mucky Nutz Fat Face Fender XL takes the coverage of the Fat Face Fender and extends it. It is specifically designed to protect riders on fat bikes with rigid forks.

Product details

  1. Supersized fender specifically designed for rigid fatbike forks
  2. Makes a strong 3D shape that offers more coverage
  3. Fits close to tire for optimum mud catching
  4. Comes with Velcro straps to attach to fork
  5. No movement or rattling when fitted correctly
  6. Can be used as a rear guard on some arrangements

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