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Bontrager MIK Trunk Wire Basket

$69.99 Model 30886

A rear bicycle basket featuring mesh construction, a padded handle and easy installation/removal.

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The perfect companion

With padded carry handles and durable wire mesh construction, Bontrager Trunk MIK Wire Baskets are the perfect companion for everyday trips to the market. The MIK compatability offers simple and secure on-bike storage that's easy to install and remove without the need for tools.

Product details

  1. MIK mounting system provides secure, integrated mounting with compatible racks
  2. Features a padded handle for easy off-the-bike transportation
  3. Rated to 11lbs (5kg)

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MIK: Mounting is Key

MIK: Mounting is Key

MIK racks and bags feature a keyed install system that locks your bags to your rack to prevent theft but still makes it easy to remove them when you need to.

How MIK works

How MIK works

Slide the MIK bag onto the MIK rack. Once you hear a click, the installation is complete. If you want to remove the bag, simply insert the key and press. Once pressed the bag can be removed.

Better together

Better together

Our bags and racks are designed as one complete system that’s easy to install and remove and made keep to your precious cargo safe.

Integrated light mounting

Integrated light mounting

You’ll find a dedicated spot to mount your light on racks and trunk bags for better all-hours visibility.


Dimensions 33cm (l) x 39cm (w) x 29cm (h)
Basket type Rear basket
Attachment MIK
Includes hardware Yes
Material Metal Wire
Weight 1750g
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