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Travel-ready tubeless set-up

TLR Flash Can makes setting up tubeless tires at home and on the road a breeze. This easily transportable air canister inflates with a traditional pump, and a quick flip of the lever instantly releases stored air for smooth tubeless tire seating. The TLR Flash Can is designed for efficient installation of tubeless ready (TLR) tires without the need for a compressor.

Product details

  1. Inflates tubeless ready (TLR) tires without a compressor
  2. Holds up to 160PSI (11 bar) of air pressure
  3. Inflate Flash Can with any Schrader compatible floor pump
  4. A simple flip of the lever releases stored air
  5. Unique 'flash charge' function rushes air into tire
  6. Auto-select head instantly fits both Presta and Schrader valves

Tubeless setup made easy

The all-new Bontrager Flash Can TLR is a portable, multi-use canister you can pressurize with your standard floor pump and release to seat tubeless tires. No compressor, no mess, no hassle.

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Works with your pump

Works with your pump

No compressor needed! Simply inflate the Flash Can to 160psi using the floor pump you already have, then attach it to the valve stem on your wheel, and voila—simple tubeless setup whenever and wherever you need it.

Compact and reliable

Compact and reliable

Take it with wherever you go—whether on race day or a road trip. Swap tubeless tires with confidence and ease using the Flash Can TLR.

Don't forget the sealant

Bontrager’s latest improved TLR sealant is better in every way. It seals faster, lasts longer, and holds air longer than our original formula for performance that lasts.

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Pump type Floor
Valve Presta/Schrader
Gauge type No gauge
Max pressure 160psi
Frame mounted No
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